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Results, Personable, Expert
“Ho lavorato una sola volta con Daniel ma non vedo l’ora che riaccada. Il progetto è stato un successo per tutti: abbiamo realizzato lo spot televisivo per la “Campagna nazionale per la donazione di organi, tessuti e cellule” del Centro Nazionale Trapianti (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) ed è stata l’occasione per apprezzare sia l’elevata professionalità che la travolgente simpatia.” September 2012Olga Catena Garcia – owner @

Preparato, Professionale, Comunicativo
“Ho lavorato con Daniel per la realizzazione di video nel campo medico. E’ stata un’esperienza molto positiva. Daniel è un ottimo regista e fotografo, ha una grande professionalità ed una non comune capacità di interagire con empatia con i soggetti da filmare, cogliendo i loro punti di forza.” September 2012Paola Barzanò – architect, color specialist

Committed, Professional, Available
“This past spring I was a student in Professor Kevo’s event planning class. I can say that it was a joy to have a professor who was so invested in his students learning. This was evident is his promotion of grasping the macro as well as micro concepts, explanation of the full history and possible futures of event planning, and his willingness to be available and answer questions. Beyond his teaching skills, I found he is a kind individual who takes an interest into everyone he meets. I would highly recommend him.” September 2012Mallory Bazan – former student at Lorenzo de’ Medici International School

Preparato, Professionale, Collaborativo
“La collaborazione con Kevo è stata molto proficua: molto preparato, professionale, collaborativo si è inserito perfettamente nel gruppo dei docenti , ha partecipato attivamente ed ha raggiunto ottimi risultati di valutazione da parte degli studenti.” September 2012Maristella Giannini – assistant dean marketing at Polimoda

Expert, High Integrity, Creative
“I’ve had the opportunity to be one of Daniel’s pupils during a course he offered in Fashion Photography. Daniel is a highly organized and dedicated instructor, who’s always well prepared and ready to tackle the task at hand. His ability to orchestrate a photoshoot and a classroom to its full potential with both, a clear vision of a professional and the tolerance of a teacher is outstanding. Daniel is a gifted photographer and artist; I find his work aesthetically pleasing and constantly evoking emotion. It was a great pleasure studying under him, should the opportunity present itself, it would be a delight to pick his brain once again!” August 2012Rula Abu Qaoud – fashion designer

Strong aestethic, Effective, Easy working
“KEVO is a particularly unique photography with a strong aestethic eye for lighting, color, and concept. His ability to orchestrate an effective work flow is captivating and simple. His ability to communicate his ideas from start to finish makes for an easy working environment with very rewarding results.” August 2012Joshua Rayburn – model

Personable, Expert, Creative
“I’ve worked with Daniel for a TV ad. He has a great knowledge about studio shooting and lighting and a strong yet sensitive touch in frame composition. It’s a pleasure to work with him as he immediately tuned in with the staff.” August 2012 – Paul Harden – Video Editor, FX designer

Great Results, Expert, Creative
“Daniel Kevorkian, a.k.a. KEVO is an amazing professional photographer. We worked together on a “period shoot” i which I, as an actor, was playing the role of a 19th century swordsman. KEVO, through his ability as a photographer, captured all the charme and atmosphere. I also appreciated the rapidity of his decision-making process and the clarity of his vision. s an artist, I always love to work with other dedicated and inspired artists.” February 2010 – Daniele Favilli – actor

Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“As an Art Director Daniel has the rare gift of fully understanding the artistic and business requirements of a photo shoot. His photographic work features gorgeous lighting and fully grasps the marketing goals discussed during our first meeting. Daniel is a joy to work with: he is kind, meticulous and a very effective communicator through stunning images. I highly recommend Daniel for his talent and honest work ethic, I will certainly utilize his services in the future.”  September 2009 – Stefano Matini

Great Results, On Time, Creative
“I had the opportunity to work with Daniel a few years ago at the Fondazione Lisio. He’s always been meticulous, passionate and timely. Later I’ve asked him to photograph one of my art projects. The result is excellent but I was even more impressed by the comments he made on the work. I’ve asked to write a small statement and I discovered another great talent: he writes wonderfully! He’s a generous and creative partner, who shares knowledge and connections, bringing ideas but always respecting the client’s needs. A multitask partner, a great support.” November 2009 – Eva Basile

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
“Daniel Varoujean, is a professional who takes pride in his work, and displays passion and innovation in delivering his training courses. He succeeded in capturing the interest, respect and admiration of colleagues and pupils. Daniel is very talented and his creative qualities are reflected in his work and teaching techniques. His enthusiasm in absorbing the language, culture and history of the Middle East and capitalizing on them in his training material is to be highly admired. I highly recomend Daniel and he would undeniably my first choice if i were to repeat the Fashion Photography Course at the Design & Training cener in Amman Jordan. Daniel made many friends during his visit, he is missed a lot and we hope to see him again and again. November 2009 – Raghad al- Khoja / CEO Garment Design & Training Services Center . Amman – Jordan

Creative, Team player, On time
“Daniel’s work is driven by passion and creativity. He is resourceful, a delight to have on a team, and always delivers high quality work in a very timely manner.” April  2008 – Tina Yesayan  / Co-Director, Arpa International Film Festival (colleague) 

Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
“Daniel Varoujean is a detail-oriented photo assistant who was very personable, helpful, and easy to work with.”  January  2009 – Brian To – Photographer