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I ask questions

I ask a lot of questions, I am an explorer, I travel a lot, I travel by sea, I travel by air, I prefer to travel on foot. I don’t like to do it alone though, I feel bad when I am alone, it’s like the world placing a stigma on you.
I don’t eat anybody, I just stare and look, I look around for those that won’t eat me.
If I was a king I would order peace, I would impose respect to everyone, I would treat all women like mothers and all men like children, because children are sacred like mothers. What would you ask a mother, what does a children want?
And if the sun dies, I would lit it up again and ask it to shine for those who smile. I would lit it up for the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, the smile of motherhood. I would build a miniature world where only the things we want to happen will happen. We can build a world like that.
I would make a “good idea hour” each day, where we can tell each other how great are the ideas we have and everyday there will be the king or queen of good ideas.
We would have the antidote to those down days where everything seems grey and every day the officer of anti-down would be designated and he will call the password, the keyword that changes everything and brings light back.
Everyday there will be the moment of questions and listening, where we make silence to listen to the others, because that is what makes everyone happy.


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When it rains, it rains inside

You have to understand in life, once you are on the other side, beside the bleeding nose, I have seen that rocks grow spontaneously, I have seen that when it rains, it rains inside people, there are few things, very well made and everyone stops to look at them. Even words are scarce and repeated over and over, colours are different, continuously changing shape and many flies are humming. We were making the most beautiful dreams in the world, international dreams, we didn’t care to know which side to take and where to stay, we just did not want to stay in the closet, like grandma’s broken clock. We had two or three things, very simple, dreams amongst the most beautiful of all … period.
Transcription from a theatre play by Antonio Albanese

Bisogna capire nella vita, allora una volta di là, a parte il sangue al naso, ho visto che i sassi crescono spontaneamente, ho visto che quando piove, piove dentro le persone, ci sono poche cose, ma molto ben fatte e tutti si fissano a guardarle. Anche le parole sono poche e si ripetono sempre le stesse, i colori sono diversi, cambiano forma e ronzano molte mosche. Però facevamo i sogni più belli del mondo, sogni internazionali, a noi non importava sapere da che parte stare, bastava non stare nel cassetto come l’orologio rotto della nonna, avevamo due cose, tre cose, erano molto semplici, erano sogni, i più belli … e basta.
Liberamente tratto da uno spettacolo di Antonio Albanese

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What is the difference?

I have recently received an email from a former student of mine that is applying to a few photography schools around the world, she has received a few questions to answer in order to convince the faculty to grant her a scholarship. I find it amusing how a school requires as a prerequisite a level of understanding of the medium that only years of practice may eventually grant.

Here are the questions she received and my personal answer.

What is the difference between your projects and other peoples projects? As much as what they show as in what they are but is not shown?

Kafka once wrote “you won’t put together any picture” this is what my projects are all about, and not only for my personal approach, but mainly because any picture is and will be unrealistic. Any picture any project is a patchwork of preconceived ideas photographers force into an acceptable, bourgeois  shape, with my personal photographic experience I let the unpredictability of the world and its lack of harmony to emerge.

We are part of a wide “picture”, your personal request of  submitting a project instead of single pictures demonstrates how inffective is nowadays an isolated image, for how perfect that may be. I may suggest a further step in the growth of a photographic consciousness: I personaly believe that even projects are a limited way of looking at a person’s work and vision, therefore I welcome you all to envision what a lifetime of experience and research path has led me to. I hold no truth, I am a mere witness.

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